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Light through the Clouds

Inner Healing with Alexis Rios

Helping You Find The  Light Within

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About Me


Hello and Welcome!

I AM Honored you that you have chosen me to help guide you!

Thank you.

My name is Alexis Rios and it is my passion & purpose to help others. I use all of who I am to cultivate healing & help create positive change in the lives of the people I work with. My personal goal is to guide you, using many methods, to align you with your truest authentic self!

I am Adept at entering the Akashic Records and receiving appropriate action and guidance for each beautiful soul I work with. Healings can often occur while operating with the knowledge of one's records, however, I am also a energy healer and can use my abilities to assist in the healing process. I can pick up on messages sent from your guides and/or higher self, with the occasional channeled direct message. I can often clearly know what you may need at this time in order to grow, heal and improve your life so that you may move in the direction of your best life!

I very much look forward to working with you!